Saturday, July 4, 2009

Get WPA2 to work in Ubuntu - with wicd

EDIT:  I have upgraded to ubuntu 9.04 and wpa2 works fine out of the box.

Ubuntu seem to have problem with WPA2?

Google says the solution is to use wicd instead of Gnome Network Manager.
It is included in Ubuntu 9.04 repositories but in hardy you have to add the source.

install wicd:
Add key
wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add -

Add source:
deb hardy extras

I used Synoptic Package Manager to install it since the network manager have to removed and I read some people having problem with it. 

Problem with drivers and wicd:
The installation went fine but wicd seem to handle drivers differently. Before I could see the network but not connect.  Now I cannot see anything and the wifi indicator is dark on the laptop.

I installed the windows wireless drivers tool (available in ubuntu rep) and added the windows drivers. 

Now I can see the networks again, but cannot connect to wpa2 network....

Then I slapped in a USB wifi adaptor and wicd light up as christmas tree..... I can also connect with no problem! This is good enough for now. (this is just an old laptop....)

It is not easy to get WPA2 to work with old hardware. 
With a little bit newer hardware wicd handles WPA2 without problem.

If wicd cannot not see the network card, use a different card or skip WPA2?
It it of course possible that if I could find a newer windows driver it would work. The newest I could find from d-link was from 2007. I am not sure it would work in xp either.

Windows XP also have problem with WPA2 without the latest drivers/updates.
I am not 100% sure if the problem was the Network Manager and not the drivers, but I am pretty sure that I did test the USB adaptor with the network manager earlier.
I will verify as soon as possible if the wicd is really needed or if it is device dependent only,

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